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The first lady of The Gambia at a tree planting exercise


Volunteers off to help with tree planting


The Gambia minister of the Environment at tree planting experiences in Kololi

Reforestation of indigenous tree species at Yaransonko

The aim of building a soil based dam at strategic location to stop saltwater intrusion into Yarangsonko area after the seasonal rains have ceased. This then allows for community members to plant indigenous trees in what is now a dead zone caused by saltwater intrusion. Reforesting this area with trees will then slow down freshwater loss, create binding and fertiliser for plants and fauna to return. This then helps to create a thriving eco-system that benefits the reserve’s mammals, insects, invertebrates and avifauna.

Water Hole construction & Indigenous Tree and plant Nursery

Plants & Fauna nursery within the reserve will give the community access to indigenous tree species that can then be planted in chosen areas where deforestation has occurred. The nursery could then start to grow more plants and flowers for people to buy and bring in income.   

The reserve lacks a fresh water drinking area for its wildlife. The idea is to construct two drinking areas within the reserve. This includes the installation of a well to draw fresh water from to fill proposed water holes.


The Gepadg team on a tree planting exercise

Coconut palm planted on Gunjur beach

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